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Happy Easter. Please help end racism. It makes zero sense. β€œBut the one who hates his brother or sister is in the darkness, walks in the darkness, and doesn’t know where he’s going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” 1 John 2:11

Students support what they help create. Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

β€œDespite its ambiguity, quality is critically important, as proper technique and optimal positioning are foundations of successful performance outcomes.” Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

All movements have variability. Even your most skilled movers have variability from rep to rep. Look at movement through the lens of solving the movement problem instead of simply performing the movement over & over. This is how u tighten movement into skill #NikolaiBernstein Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

In a decade that witnessed such a rapid rise in advanced data collection & sports-based technology – the human element continues to ring true with 'the art of the relationship', and athlete/coach education topping our list. Read more: #Leaders21 Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

The most effective leaders I know are all relearners. You have learners, unlearners, and relearners. Most folks stop at learning. A fraction go on to unlearn what they learned, but stop there. This isn't an actual improvement until they start relearning. I'll explain πŸ‘‡ Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

Once you understand an athletes β€œwhy” then you can teach them. Once they know you understand and respect their β€œwhy” then you can reach them. Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

@Alek_Manoah47 @CoachMazey You can’t convince me there’s a better look in all of baseball πŸ™ƒ

test Twitter Media - @Alek_Manoah47 @CoachMazey You can’t convince me there’s a better look in all of baseball πŸ™ƒ

Objective and subjective memories function independently and involve different areas of the brain. People who make decisions based on subjective memory rely more on how they feel about the memory than on the accuracy of the details. #neuroscience #science… Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

"Controlled Aggression" - C.J. Chatham Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

Favorite part of my job is when an athlete wants to know why we are doing something a certain way. And an educated answer does more for buy-in than any amount of bravado. Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

@drivelinebases Please tell me this is @juliomorillo181 punching dudes out at the end! 🀣

Sunrise over the Cascade Mountains Retweeted by Cody Atkinson

test Twitter Media - RT @TyTy425sea: Sunrise over the Cascade Mountains

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