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Big time OF prospect looking for a home! Middle of the order LH bat with tons of juice. True grinder and plays the game the right way. twitter.com/Tjacks_5/statu…

𝑇𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑑𝑒 𝐶𝑢𝑟𝑡. 🚴 @curtball28 | @RRExpress Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Metro North Coach of the Year! @RayboCoach took a team with no seniors to a 13-3 record in their first season. In the past few years he’s overcome more than most of us will experience in a lifetime. You earned this dad! twitter.com/Cody_Atkinson_… Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Not the sexy HR, but this is what hitters do. Gets to two strikes, turns 92 mph around through the hole. @andy_mcmartin looking for a home next fall, pretty left handed swing, smart kid- engineering major. Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

@HyattCraig Imagine seeing some of the best hitters in the world stopping rotation like this and then telling young hitters to spin hips and rotate through contact.... Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Final installation of my 3 part blog series on implementing medicine balls with @Centralia_BSB pitchers. Tonight we highlight the progress of the 5 pitchers featured in the drill videos from Part 1. link.medium.com/UupSW6q2Eeb Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Part 2 of my 3 part blog series about using medicine balls with our @Centralia_BSB pitching staff. In today's blog we dive into programming advice, how to manage intent levels, example weekly schedules and other small details to help your team succeed! link.medium.com/9JP7ijputeb Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Proud of these guys and what they’ve had to overcome this last year! Can’t wait to go to war with this group! twitter.com/Centralia_BSB/…

Welcome to the #BlazerBoyz, JosephT_LV! “I’m excited to bring in our first pitchers from Cali. The 6’2” RHP is athletic as it gets on the mound. We’re excited to see how he grows in our Development Plan!” -@CoachKawiks #TakeTheWest Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Big S/O to Travis Snider for joining #BlazerBoyz Mental Conditioning! Travis is a former 1st round draft pick, now going on his 16th professional season this spring. Our players were lucky to hear his insight about "The Grind." Thank you and good luck this year @Lunchboxhero45! Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

s/o @Coach_BenHarley @CoachKawiks @ChicoL18 @Clarkje9 and all my @Centralia_BSB teammates. These guys keep pushing me and helping me get better Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

Halftime dancers look like they are wearing a jock strap on their faces...

Uncommitted 6’ 220 lb. 3B/1B, sweet swingin’ @CBardue looking for a 4 yr. home next fall. Kid rakes, get at him. Retweeted by Kawika Emsley-Pai

@tytan_media @Lunchboxhero45 @Lunchboxhero45 looks like you’re dressed for Mexico brah. Esta loco